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Precept Partners in Context
In 1996 we launched our first online company, and achieved a meaningful leadership position in our chosen industry group.  With an early focus on search engine optimization well in advance of the birth of Google, we developed the requisite know-how that is key to rapid growth and business success.   We grew our firm to an 8 figure annual sales rate, and sold the company to a privately held venture capital fund in 2003, while retaining our IP developed prior to the transaction.  This sale was the genesis for the launch of Precept Partners, and overarching mission to further commercialize the proprietary processes we created to plan, design, develop, construct, grow and manage online businesses. 


The experience of building fast growing online business gives us the perspective of an owner.  We get it.  We understand the challenges.  We've been there ourselves.  We know what it takes to succeed. 

Since our inception, we have focused upon the precept that search engines function as the de facto "operating system" of the web.  As a result, we have focused on developing websites with a granular focus on search engine optimization ("SEO") best practices.  This approach thereby leads to positively impacting search engine marketing ("SEM") quality scores, which dramatically improves CPC search engine marketing results. Paired with optimized website design, this approach has been instrumental in generating over $100M in revenues.

Precept's success in the realm of website design, Internet marketing and Internet strategy consulting services have contributed to multiple awards including, two (2) INC 500 spots, three Internet Retailer awards, a Michigan 50 award, a Webby Award, as well as national media coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Investors' Business Weekly, National Public Radio and more. 


Today we work with clients in e-commerce, OEM manufacturing, professional services and non-profit sectors, providing research, analysis, and services that are instrumental for maximizing growth and overall financial results.  To date, our efforts have contributed to generating well over $100,000,000 in revenue, with dozens of client websites now actively supported.


Whether that job is sales lead generation or e-commerce sales, you can’t afford a website that isn’t working as hard as you do. Precept Partners can help you determine what your website is doing right, and where it might be falling asleep on the job.


If you're ready for measurably better results from your website and online marketing efforts, Contact Precept Partners.  To learn more, please feel free to watch our introductory video which interviews Managing Director, Stephen Antisdel.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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