Marketing Support


After our initial consultation, Precept can conduct an analysis of your site's overall design, navigation, usability and the effectiveness of the site's  marketing message.  We'll review the site's technical strengths and weaknesses relative to your closest competitors. On completion we'll deliver your report in person or in a webinar to share the strategic implications and recommendations for your business.


Based upon your company's specific unique competitive advantages, business objectives and resources relative to your primary competitors, we'll work with you to develop an online strategy to generate sales leads or revenue. This process has been validated by millions dollars in online sales for clients in  multiple industries and market segments.


Coordinating "white hat" search engine optimization ("SEO") best practice methodologies, Precept designs, develops, constructs and effectively manages your search engine marketing ("SEM" or Pay Per Click) keyword campaigns that result in improved SEM quality relevancy scores which increase click-through rates, reduce cost per click, and improve ROI. 


In addition, Precept also helps coordinate email marketing, data feed marketing campaigns and online PR campaigns to best practice standards. And as an added compliment to achieving SEO goals and overall brand building objectives, Precept also helps create, optimize and distribute your press releases to maximize their impact. This systematic process will help you attract new customers while improving your external link infrastructure.

Finally, noting the rapid growth of Social Media and the strategic importance to maximizing targeting, reach and frequency of marketing messages, Precept helps it's clients evaluate the rapidly changing world of social media marketing to help you focus on the appropriate social media channels to deliver the best possible cost / benefit for achieving your marketing objectives. 


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