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Website Development

Launching our first online company 1996,, we grew this business to an 8 figure annual sales rate and a leadership position in our industry.  We later sold that that firm to venture capitalists, founded Precept Partners, and have been consulting to a wide range of companies ever since.  Interestingly, our core's IP now resides within Internet 500 retailer

Along the way, we've collectively developed technologies and know-how that have delivered rapid growth to a number of companies operating within various business segments.  As a testament to our experience, our projects have enjoyed recognition awards that include two Inc 500 spots, three Internet Retailer awards, a Michigan 50 award, the Webby Award as well as national media coverage in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, National Public Radio and more.  Our experience of building websites, as well as contributing to many formidable online businesses, has resulted in our developing projects with the perspective of an owner.  We understand the challenges and know what it takes to target customers and succeed online.  We've been there ourselves.

In the course of our providing Internet Consulting Services, we have made both direct and indirect investments in companies that have collectively helped to generate well over $100,000,000 in web based sales volume across multiple industry groups.  We're more than Internet gurus, much more.  we’re experienced entrepreneurs, ​technologists and marketers with a verifiable track record of success.  We relish the opportunity to disrupt markets, take marketshare and build enduring brands.


If you're ready for measurabley better results from your website and online marketing efforts, contact Precept Partners.

Research and Development

We've encountered many competing consultancies who fail to obtain a granular level of understanding of client needs and objectives. Precept differentiates itself in this respect, gathering information appropriate to properly selecting technology solutions offering our client's the best cost/benefit relationships possible.  In addition, we evaluate strengths and weakness of customer touchpoints, interactions and opportunities to optimize processes and other material facets found within our Client's enterprise that are foundational for developing a successful technology, marketing, promotion and brand building strategy.


Internet Technology, Marketing and Promotion

Armed with necessary data, Precept has enjoyed extended success operating under the premise the search engines function as the de facto operating system of the web. Having spent nearly two decades foused on search engine related best preactices, Precept seeks to ensure that Client websites emply usability and conversion optimization best practices, and that client websites function on multiple devices via custom designed, secure, dynamic responsive design principals.


Once appropriate technologies and Internet design principals are identified, Precept asists clients in the development of strategy and tactics necessary to maximize Client campaign targeting. reach, and frequency, while minimizng inefficiencies inherent in market saturation.

Core Internet Consulting Practice Areas
  • Responsive Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Keyword Discovery

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • ​Search Engine Marketing

  • Data Feed Marketing

  • e-Mail Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Retargeting

  • Website Penetration Testing

  • Website Security Analysis

  • 24/7 Website Monitoring

  • PCI Compliant Hosting

  • IT Security Best Practices

Ready to get started?  Contact Precept for a free consultation.
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